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Owners   Beth & Chris Johnson

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Hello and thank you for visiting!

I am the proud owner of Ideal Yards. I am excited to offer the safest and most personal weed control service in the area.

I was born right here in Wickenburg and for over 30 years I have called it home. I started in my family’s landscape company as a toddler.  I still remember dragging the hose from plant to plant pretending I was in a jungle & lost in my imagination.

I spent my years away from Wickenburg learning what “customer service” really means from the Ritz-Carlton and Walt Disney Companies.

I took what I learned from those amazing institutions and brought that frame of mind back home to Wickenburg.

Being a Women Owned Small Business is a passion of mine and I hope to inspire women in our town to be strong and courageous, to not be afraid to be great, and to seek out opportunities to serve others in love.

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- Beth Johnson

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