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Weeds will grow


Providing the best invasive weed control to Wickenburg and surrounding areas. We guarantee unparalleled service at fair prices. We strive to keep your yard beautiful with a healthy, earth-friendly approach.

Weeds are a constant problem in the desert southwest. Heavy rains followed by long days of sunshine and warm temperatures make for perfect growing conditions. Don't let those weeds destroy the beauty you invested in your yard.

We can help you get back your desert landscape.

Through pre-emergent and monthly maintenance, we offer a comprehensive plan to pest weed management. Your yard is important to you, important to your family, and important to the environment. We seek out proper training, the latest methods, and consult with local experts to ensure your yard not only survives but thrives free of pests.

Ideal Yards is the solution.





Licensed   ~   Experienced   ~   Caring

We get it.

Our 4-leg family members are the most important family members. Ideal Yards is committed to your healthy yard as well as your healthy pet.

We aggressively seek out continual education to ensure our approach, products, and methods support a safe environment.

Through yearly testing and inspections, Ideal Yards is licensed by the state to protect the Arizona desert we call home.

Ideal Yards is a Women Owned Small Business. It's that small attention-to-detail service you'll receive each and every time from Ideal Yards.

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The Arizona sun shines all year. Add the smallest amount of water...

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Enjoy your beautiful yard again with a weed control plan tailored to your needs...

Ideal Yards Weed Control has the perfect solution to your weeds...


Weeds sprout and grow year round in the desert. Uncontrolled, they will take over your yard...




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Always Insist On a Licensed Applicator

There are a few companies that will spray your yard....... They may be destroying your landscape!

The importance of licensing cannot be overstated. Improper application will, at best, damage your soil and ornamental plants. At worst, it can contaminate the water supply, destroy your landscape, injure your animals, and have    devastating effects that last for years. Ideal Yards utilizes continual education, proactive methods, and local expert consultants to ensure a responsible, environmental solution to your invasive pest weed control problems.

Ideal Yards is proudly licensed by the State of Arizona to safely and responsibly apply all the techniques and compounds we use to combat the weeds invading your yard and landscaped areas.

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